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Summer Menu 2024


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A selection of Mediterranean olives   £4.00

Hummus & pitta bread               £4.50
Suitable for Vegans

Served with jalapenos, cheese,
sour cream & salsa                                £10.00


Old Favourite

Blue & cheddar cheese squares served
with mini cheddar discs & optional raw onion rings

Mini     £3.00
Small   £6.00
Large   £9.00


Garlic Bread
Plain                                                    £2.50
With Cheese                                        £3.50


Chips                                                   £4.50
With Cheese                                        £5.50
With Curry Sauce                                £5.50

Onion rings                                         £4.50

fgi 2


Choice of white or wholemeal bloomer, white baguette, or wrap (Excluding Club & toasties)
Garnished with side salad & kettle crisps


Club sandwich
Chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato
Served on white bloomer toast          £11.00

Coronation chicken sandwich             £9.00

Home cooked ham & piccalilli
sandwich                                             £9.00

Sausage & onion                                 £9.00

Bacon, or bacon & egg                       £9.00

Mature cheddar & sweet pickle         £9.00

Tuna, mayonnaise & sweetcorn         £9.00

Prawn Marie Rose                               £9.00

Fried Egg Sandwich (2 eggs)               £6.00

Toasted ham & cheese                       £9.00

Toasted cheese & tomato                  £9.00

Toasted cheese & onion                     £9.00

fgi 3

Salads, Pate’s, and ploughman’s


Goat’s cheese salad

Goat’s cheese, roasted vegetable
salad, caramelised onions & a balsamic glaze

Warm mackerel salad
Served on a bed of mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, beetroot & onion with a Horseradish dressing

Chicken & bacon salad

Chicken, bacon, mixed salad leaves, tomato, cucumber & red onion, served with a honey & mustard dressing


Vegan Salad

Baby gem lettuce, Spring onions, green bell peppers, tomato, radish, parsley, and mint.
Seved with toasted pitta bites, in a dressing made with Balsamic, olive oil, garlic and sumac (spice)

Add Chicken

Mackerel pâté
Served with a mixed salad & brown toast


Choose from home cooked ham, cheddar or blue cheese
Served with a white baguette, sweet pickle & pickled onions
Mixture of 3    £12.00

Chicken fajita wrap
Served with nachos, & sour cream

Roasted vegetable wrap
Mixed with pesto, Served with a side salad & kettle crisps.
(Pesto optional)
Suitable for vegans



Forest Gate Breakfast
2 rashers of bacon, 1 sausage,
2 eggs, baked beans and toast

Ham or Sausage, eggs & chips

Beef lasagne served with garlic bread & salad                              £12.50

Vegetable lasagne served with garlic bread & salad                         £11.50

Scampi, chips & peas served with tartare sauce

Jacket potato served with a salad.

  • Cheese & beans              £10.00
  • Tuna, mayo & sweetcorn £10.00
  • Prawn Marie Rose £10.00
  • Coronation chicken £10.00

Gourmet beef burger served in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, gherkin, onion rings, chips, & burger sauce

Vegetarian burger served in a brioche
bun with lettuce, tomato, gherkin, onion rings, chips & caramelised onion chutney
(Burger without bun suitable for vegans)

Fresh butterfly chicken burger served in a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato onion rings, chips, & mayonnaise
Choice of plain or Cajun chicken                                                          £12.50
Add cheddar cheese, blue cheese or bacon for £1.50



Ham, egg & chips                                £7.00

Fish fingers, chips & peas                   £7.00

Scampi, chips, peas                             £7.00

Sausage, chips & beans                       £7.00


Individual local ice creams £3.25
(Please ask a member of staff for flavours)


Please allow approximately 20 minutes for all hot food as dishes are cooked to order.

All the dishes offered are freshly prepared on  site at The Forest Gate Inn.
Not all of the elements in each listed above so please advise us of any allergies or dietary intolerances so we can advise you further.
Please ask a member of staff if you wish to see the full list of allergens in each dish.
Please ask a member of the team about any specials or see the chalk boards at the bar.